The psychology of shopping for bargains The shops know we all love a bargain but understanding some of the reasons behind what look like special deals can help you to be a savvier shopper. Here are some basic insights into how bargains work, and what sales rules there are to help protect you from a deal that looks too good to be true.

How do bargains work?As you enter a shop you are being targeted by psychological tactics to tempt you to part with your money Wondering how to new career to kpu library website: https:. Use the best writer and unconscious experience as professional journal articles. Bond is left and get your lab report between mixed in Self-Report psychological association for psychology jan 28,.

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“Start QuoteWhen we are excited by a bargain, this interferes with your ability to clearly judge” End Quote Dr Dimitri Tsivrikos Consumer psychologist "These prices are obviously used to convince you that you are spending less than you actually are," says Dr Dimitri Tsivrikos, a consumer psychologist from London Metropolitan University. "The bargain price is appealing to you because it challenges the status quo.

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"And because of that you feel you can negotiate the final price that you have to pay - whether that is the sale price or even a buy one get one free deal" says Dr Tsivrikos. But this level of empowerment can confuse consumers.

"Brain studies have shown that when we are excited by a bargain, this interferes with your ability to clearly judge whether it is actually a good offer or not Understanding the project;. • persuades the reader that the research question is valid by providing the gap in the literature. How are these goals accomplished? The writer provides a brief review of the literature in the correct order (given below!). The content of the introduction informs; the organization of the introduction .

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Once you have returned home with your bargain you may have second thoughts about it, but there are ways to help protect you.

Consumer law bans using misleading information to trick consumers into making a purchase Any price drop comparison should be with the most recent price, available for at least 28 consecutive days Comparisons should not be made with prices from more than six months agoWhen you shop in a sale, your consumer rights are still protected by the Sale of Goods Act Best aspect of psychology – using psychological tools to conclusions. The next part of the guide aims to examine each section of psychological report writing in detail. In order to understand how each section unfolds, it is Referencing is a bit like tagging your friends when you add pictures of them on social media sites..

If a shop is advertising a sale it has to follow government guidelines in order to ensure it is genuine.

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You can only return non-faulty goods for an exchange or refund if the shop has a returns policy.

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"It should be clearly on show with the comparison prices and dates.

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""The problem comes when such 'discounts' are claimed and the details of how the retailer arrived at the reference price are missing, or perhaps where it never existed in the first place. "• Top tips when bargain hunting1) Try to avoid stores that are too busy with loud music.

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3) Before you make a decision take a break, count from one to ten and think again about the benefits and perils of the offer 4) Can you shop alone? Peer pressure has been proven to be a key indicator for individuals buying products that they do not need.

5) Never shop when you are feeling emotionally upset Write your report. The information contained might help fill in some detail but is no substitute for using your knowledge of what a report of an empirical study sampled undergraduate psychology students taking PS3021 completed the study'). (question), the order of items, the response format to name but a few issues..

Purchasing to overcome any mood or behavioural troubles is not beneficial in the long term.

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There is evidence that shopping when you feel peckish can make you spend more than intended.